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European Championship 2018 Czech Republic

Moto Gymkhana European Championship 2018


Dear competitors, gymkhaners and friends

Czech Moto Gymkhana organization is proud to be the organizer of 2018 Moto Gymkhana European Championship.

You all are kindly welcome to come and participate.

Expected time schedule

Friday June 8th
the arrival day

The registration office is open since 13:00
Free evening for participants networking

Saturday June 9th
the training day

Possible arrival of participant who cannot be in place on Friday

10:00 organization briefing
10:30 – 17:00 free practice (announced obvious rules will apply)
17:00 optional group trip to Šumava mountains
Sunday June 10th
the competition day

Last late registration is possible till 9:30

10:00 competition briefing and track walk-trough
11:00 competition starts (two rounds)
approx. 16:00 competition finish
~ 20 minutes later winners ceremony
  all results are available

The schedule is subject to change and can be modified by organizers.
Minor changes are to be announced in place.
Any major change will be communicated.


\"\"The championship is being hold at former military base. The area includes space for camping in tents, caravans, campers. There are all usual utilities at the site including area for machine service, showers, toilets and restaurant. There are few hostel rooms in the buildings of former barracks. Optional accommodation in hotels in surrounding is possible too.

NEWS: Riders may choose their race numbers, during registration there will be an updated list of participants for the riders to see, which numbers have already been taken. In case a number is taken by two riders, the rider who registered first will use it. Riders who do not choose their number at registration, or whose chosen number had already been taken, will have their race number assigned by organizers. Riders who have their own jersey with the “bib” visible in front as well as on their back, may use their own jersey.

You can check already registered start numbers here


Please include in your registration all information about camping/hostel number of lunch meals to be served and number off your friends and families coming with you.

Registration link, because of some technical problems we use the website of the dutch organisation :
Email communication should be addressed to.


Here you can register yourself for the European Championship of 2018. Please fill in all information and make sure that you\’ve filled in a valid email address. After your registration you\’ll receive an email with payments details, only after your payment, your registration will be valid.


When you register for the European Championship, you agree to the rules of the Championship. All rules are posted on the Rules page. Please contact us if not all rules are completely clear to you.

Registration limit

Please note that we will have a maximum number of riders we can accommodate in the race. We don\’t expect that we will have to turn riders down, but if it turns out we\’ll have more riders than we can have, there will be a maximum number of riders per country. Again, we don\’t expect we\’ll have too many applicants. Aiming for 100 riders, from 10 countries, we can have at least ten riders per country, or more when some countries have fewer. Again, probably nothing to be worried about.


Location 2018: Janovice CZ.

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Send us an email

Bob, winner of 2017