European Challenge 2019 France

Moto Gymkhana European Challenge 2019

The French Moto Gymkhana organization is proud to be the organizer of 2019 Moto Gymkhana
European Challlenge. You all are kindly welcome to come and participate.

Pre-Registration link:

Email communication should be addressed to:
Facebook link :


The event is controlled by local government authorities, so in addition of Moto Gymkhana rules, the
French administration imposes to respect some main rules for Motorcycle Sport.

Each participant must have :

  • a medical certificate of authorization in your local language or english, to practice motor sports of
    less than one year old (you should give it at the office) ;
  • a dB Killer because the motorbike exhaust must be less 95db
  • a fire extinguisher close of your bike on the Paddock
  • a helmet on the head and gloves if you ride your bike on the road / paddock / race place

We will subscribe an “organisation insurance” for the event to guaranty the damage you could cause to other people. Because during a  competition event, the road insurance of your motorcycle is not valid, we inform you that you could choose an individual health insurance for the
damage you can cause to your own body during competition (injury, hospitalization, handicap, death). Usually the cost of the individual Insurance is 15€/day

Expected time schedule

Friday may 31th
the arrival day

The registration office is open at 15:00
Free evening for participants networking

Saturday June 1st
the training day

Possible arrival of participant who cannot be in place on Friday

09:00 organization briefing
09:30 – 12:30 Technical control & free practice (announced obvious rules will apply)
12:30 – 14:00 Lunch Time (the training place will be closed)
14:00 – 17:30 free practice and qualification GP8 for Sunday Course Order (announced obvious rules will apply)
17:00 – 18:00 optional group for Karting race (the karting place is 200m from Moto Gymkhana place)
Sunday June 2nd
the competition day

Last late registration is possible till 9:00

09:00 competition briefing and track walk-trough
10:00 competition starts (1st round)
12:30 – 14:00 Lunch Time (the training place will be closed)
14:00 – 16:00 competition starts (2nd round)
~ 20 minutes later  winners ceremony
all results are available
until 17:30 free practice

The schedule is subject to change and can be modified by organizers.
Minor changes are to be announced in place.
Any major change will be communicated.


Circuit de Bresse – 460, route de Milleure 71580 Frontenaud (France)

The Europeen Challenge is being hold at Circuit de Bresse. The area includes space for camping in tents, caravans, campers. There are all usual utilities at the site including area for showers, toilets and restaurant (lunch).

Riders order for the race day will depend on the GP8 time. This qualification will be done on Saturday afternoon. Then the faster rider will have number 1 and the slower will have the higher bib number. The 1st and 2nd round on Sunday will start with the slower rider.

Fees to Pay

(to pay when you’ll receive the email after your pre-registration)

Money in DepositRegistration link, because of some technical problems we use the website of the dutch organisation :
Email communication should be addressed to

Money in Deposit(to give at the office when you arrive and it will be back)

basic competitors participation (competition fee) € 60 / rider
accommodation in camp Friday / Saturday / Sunda € 10 / night / person
breakfast / lunch / diner € depend on number of people
Deposit for the Bib jersey to give bakc after competition € 20 / rider
Deposit for the paddock / camping place (about 7 meters) € 50
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Challenge Européen Moto Gymkhana 2019 - Circuit de Bresse-France

Pre Registration

Here you can pre-register yourself for the European Challlenge of 2019. Please fill in all information and make sure that you’ve filled in a valid email address. After your pre-registration you’ll receive an email with rules and payments details, only after your payment, your registration will be valid.

Please include in your pre-registration all information about camping night for you and your friends  and families coming with you.


# You will have a reserved location on the paddock/camping with about 10 meter if you have truck/car trailer + tent. Do you need place for truck/car trailer camping-car arbor or only tent ? (please don’t choose Car/ trailer if you come with an other pilot with the same car/ trailer… the driver will already choose it).

To know if we book the resort’s restaurant, are you interested on Saturday and Sunday restaurant.
Possibility to organise individual barbecue on the Paddock / Camping place.

Food pre-order


When you register for the European Challenge, you agree to the rules of Moto Gymkhana. All rules will be send to you by email. Please contact us : if not all rules are completely clear to you.

number of riders LIMIT      

Please note that we will have a maximum number of riders we can accommodate in the race. We don’t expect that we will have to turn riders down, but if it turns out we’ll have more riders than we can have, there will be a maximum number of riders per country. Again, we don’t expect we’ll have too many applicants. Aiming for 100 riders, from 10 countries, we can have at least ten riders per country, or more when some countries have fewer. Again, probably nothing to be worried about.



Send us an email

Richard, winner of 2018

4 Japanese guests: 

Hana Ko

Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: een of meer mensen, staande mensen en buiten

Bob, winner of 2017


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